Hollybank Treetops Adventure

Hollybank Philosophy

Hollybank is a microcosm of
Tasmania's multiple-use forests.

Its history, built environment and usage patterns reflect many values we, as a community, attribute to our forests. Over the generations, people have attributed a range of benefits to Hollybank: recreation, education, timber production and heritage, to name but a few.

These have been reflected in the range of infrastructure already present at the site: picnic facilities and walking tracks, the Treetops Adventure visitor's centre, the native forests and plantations and the McNeil buildings.

The concept for Hollybank seeks to build on these aspects via the 'evolution' of the site, to create an outstanding integrated visitor experience encompassing the entire reserve.

Access, Activity, Adventure (AAA)
The attraction will encourage visitors to experience the site at three levels, which have been inspired by our Access, Activity, Adventure (AAA) tourism criteria. In the Hollybank concept, the AAA criteria correlate to three ways to experience the attraction: Doing, Feeling and Thinking.