Hollybank Treetops Adventure

a forest adventure is for you!

Join us and leave the hassle of cars and mass transport behind as you effortlessly glide on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

You've been here before, but only in your imagination. You're gliding on air, above the ground with a clear view of everything ahead. At the same time, you're with the crowd in perfect sync. No obstacles. No barriers. You find yourself travelling farther and seeing more. Go fast. Go slow. Go anywhere. This is how you envisaged travel sometime in the future. But it isn't the transportation of tomorrow. It's Hollybank's Segway Tours, today.

With a guide to show you the basics of riding, plus their in depth local knowledge to give you a truly memorable experience, you're in for the time of your life, filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

The tour combines the adrenaline rush of a Segway PT ride with an informative and highly entertaining outlook of the forest.

Arriving at the Visitor's Centre, deep in the Hollybank Eucalypt forest, guests are met by our expert guides. Here they are introduced to the offering and fully briefed in all aspects of the adventure including its high safety standards and expectations for the 2-hour tour.

The adventure consists of an exhilarating glide on tracks that have been established on the forest floor; a remarkable place to enjoy the wonders that this unique landscape offers.

Guests enjoy the adventure in groups of no more than 7 people who are assigned professional guides. Travel on our forest tracks with friends, gliding through the forest in harmony with those around you at peace with the environment.

These highly trained Guides are an extremely important part of the entire experience and their value and contribution is critical to creating a memorable forest excursion. They are responsible for your safety and they also communicate a strong ecological and conservation message throughout the tour. Everyone is supplied with complete equipment, including helmet and a personal communication system.

Hollybank Forest Adventure operates 7 days a week. Venturing into the forest on a bright, sunny day or overcast, rain-filled days will bring different and exciting elements to the adventure.

The duration of the adventure is approximately 2 hours, after which you'll arrive back at the Centre and relax and share your experience with others in your group while enjoying the refreshments available.

Segway Tours are suitable for all healthy individuals 16 and over, who weigh between 45kg & 117kg.

Are you able to participate in a Segway tour?

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all-weather tour

Hollybank Treetops Adventure operates throughout the year. In fine weather it will be one of the most memorable activities you’ll ever participate in. And now there’s an alternative to spending your day holed up in your hotel or at home during those wet and rainy days!

For a particularly exciting and very unique adventure, join us and fly through the trees in the mist and the rain. We provide wet weather gear for a small hire charge or you can bring your own.