Hollybank Treetops Adventure

What is a zipline tour?

Zipline Tours are a new nature and adventure based activity in the world-wide tourism industry.

They involve taking tourists up into the forest canopy and traversing between platforms along steel cables, known as ziplines. The platforms, called 'cloud stations' are constructed around the trunks of large trees, within the mid canopy level of the forest - typically at heights up to 30m above the forest floor.

Cables are then anchored between platforms at a slight downward angle. The distances between our platforms vary from 15 metres to 400 metres. Clients are kitted out in harnesses with pulleys attached and slide along the cables through the forest canopy and land safely at the next platform.

The tour combines the tranquillity of the forest with the adrenalin of sliding above and through a beautiful natural environment. Tourists have a unique view of the forest from above.

Groups leave the centre at fixed intervals. The duration of the adventure is approximately 3 hours, after which you will arrive back at the centre to relax and share your experience with others in your group while enjoying the refreshments on sale.

The highly trained Guides are an extremely important part of the entire experience and their value and contribution is critical to creating a memorable forest excursion. They are responsible for your safety and they also communicate a strong ecological and conservation message throughout the tour.

Treetops adventure tour

Tourism in Tasmania has just got a little more exciting! A first for both Australia and Tasmania, Launceston hosts the opening of the first high-wire adventure tour.

Utilising the magnificent old and new growth forests around Hollybank, located just a short drive from Launceston, Hollybank Treetops Adventure offers a unique and exhilarating adventure into this spectacular world. The tour combines the adrenaline rush of a high-wire zipline ride with an informative and highly entertaining outlook of the forest.

Arriving at the Visitor’s Centre, deep in the Hollybank Eucalypt forest, guests are met by our expert guides. Here they are introduced to the offering and fully briefed in all aspects of the adventure, including its high safety standards and expectations for the 3-hour tour.

The adventure consists of a multi-stage, zipline ride in the tree canopy, far above the forest floor, the very best place to enjoy the wonders that this unique landscape offers. Every possible care has been taken to ensure no damage has been done to the forest trees and undergrowth. The structure is secured to the tree tops by a uniquely Australian method that ensures no damage to the actual host tree.

Guests enjoy the adventure in no more than 14 people per group, aided by two highly qualified guides. A comprehensive overview of the forest is provided by the local guides, most of whom have grown up in and around this extraordinary asset.

Everyone is supplied with complete equipment, including helmet, harness, and all attachments to secure the adventurer to the cables. The gear is customised to fit by our guides, leaving the wearer comfortable and secure.

Hollybank Treetops Adventure operates 7 days a week. Venturing into the forest on a bright, sunny day or an overcast, rain-filled day will bring different and exciting elements to the adventure. Groups leave the centre at hourly intervals. The duration of the adventure is approximately 3 hours, after which you’ll arrive back at the centre and relax and share your experience with others in your group while enjoying the refreshments available.

Hollybank Treetops Adventure caters for all healthy individuals aged from 3 to over 80. For those who don’t wish to participate, the centre is surrounded by magnificent pathways through the forest to enjoy a leisurely walk.

Bookings are advised to avoid disappointment.

all-weather tour

Hollybank Treetops Adventure operates throughout the year. In fine weather it will be one of the most memorable activities you’ll ever participate in. And now there’s an alternative to spending your day holed up in your hotel or at home during those wet and rainy days!

For a particularly exciting and very unique adventure, join us and fly through the trees in the mist and the rain. We provide wet weather gear for a small hire charge or you can bring your own.